Design the ideal wind turbine, propeller, or ship screw

Welcome to PropGen

PropGen is a *FREE* CFD/CAD program for for the design and analysis of power-turbines and propellers in an arbitrary fluid or gas.

Given a set of user specified operating points and geometric constraints, PropGen will derive optimised planforms for aircraft propellers, wind turbines, marine propellers, and tidal power turbines - these devices are all governed by the same physics. PropGen can also be used for analysis of existing designs.

The program derives induced velocities via a relaxed trailing vortex method with with heuristic rules to account for the effects of wake dissipation. Layered on top of these computations are intelligence to: derive optimised designs, determine the setting needed to achieve specific power or thrust, and much more.

PropGen's aim is to make it easier to produce "quick start designs" optimised for a balance of efficiency, off-design performance, size, and other properties.

I hope you find this software useful.


Wind-turbines and propellers are inherently dangerous devices and no prototype should be built without a solid understanding of structural, aeroelastic, materials, and related competencies. These devices can and will fail catastrophically if you don't know what you're doing.