Design the ideal wind turbine, propeller, or ship screw

Designing With PropGen

Generally, to create candidate designs using PropGen all you need is some basic geometric data, and a few target operating conditions - PropGen will take care of the rest. Design results are saved as html files and rendered on your default browser. Designs can also be exported as a DXF file for further evaluation with other tools.

single design point input

For the most trivial case, only a single design point is specified. But, more realistically other inputs such as loading details and critical operating conditions are defined and prioritized.




multi point optimization

Multiple conditions, with user defined priorities, can be specified. You can use any engineering units you want (SHP, ft-lb/s, Watts, Nm, Ct, Cp, etc).




rotor loading profile

PropGen indirectly facilitates structural and acoustic considerations by allowing user specified thickness and loading profiles - values autogenerated if zeros are input. PropGen does not explicitly compute any structural or acoustic properties.